welcome to my goofy ahh website where i splurt out meaningless junk into the massive space of the world wide web. most of the stuff on here is about my interests (notably music) but there's some other goofy shit here too. be wary that I'm really not a good coder at the moment. I'm trying to learn but don't trust me on anything html/css related i happen to say at some point.

about me

i'm eggo (all prns), the creator of this goofy website that probably won't last long, knowing the likes of me (i am a serial website abandoner). i'm a huge fan of rhythm games and music in general, and i hope i can share all these interests of mine with you guys!
Favourite videogame? - puyo pop fever!!! so colourful...
Favourite manga? - show-ha-shoten!!
Kins? - konata izumi (lucky star), lisa imai (banG dream!), sunny (omori), kel (also omori)
Favourite school subject? - compsci

about my site

ipodmaster (my-brain-hurts) is a place for me to share my interests with the rest of this wonderful internet world...
jk, i'm gonna ramble a fuck ton and hope that this lasts more than 3 weeks...
all assets/graphics used on this website are NOT mine, and belong to their creators! If by some magical power, an asset is my own, i'll make sure to note it as mine!
links listed within personal are pages primarily related to me and/or heavily involve me. international is for things that (mostly) link to places outside of ipodmaster, like buttons and that crap.


damn i love music. almost as much as i love girls-
wait. that's for another paragraph don't spoil shit yet arhirbdgnsindgisnidofn
music has been a source of comfort for the likes of me for many years at this point, so much so it's one of the sole hobbies i have that's still alive in this day and age. i would like to make my own music at some point, but for now i'll just be listening to the greats.
some of my fav music guys include:

  • porter robinson
  • pa's lam system
  • emocosine
  • morfonica
  • siinamota/powapowa-p
  • tofubeats


i love them

yeah that's about it

jk!!!! I LOVE GIRLS! (platonically and romantically) Here's a (very)shortlist..

Moca Aoba
Moca Aoba, my food-loving comrade and partner in crime
bridget my yo-yo weilding QUEEN ~~
You can hear more about my Most Favourite Girls Of All Timeā„¢ on my about page and blog...and that's about all...
hope to see you VERY SOON! safe travels, whether national OR international!