Hey! Hi! Hello! Welcome to the iPod zone!
This is where I'll talk about my iPod, what music I have on it, why I use it, and even advice if you want to get your own iPod! so, let's begin!

how'd we get here?

This is the moment when I copy-and-paste my same iPod story from my about page- jkjk, it'll be better, I promise!

so, when I was about 7, i got an iPod for the first time.
my model was the ipod touch generation 7, i think? i'll show an image later..

image courtesy of wikimedia commons ------->

however, I barely used it because my baby iPad Kid goofy goober brain had not been exposed to a phone yet, thus leading me to think "tf is this goofy ahh phone". additionally, i only had access to my parent's music library I'm not saying it's bad, but it was like 75% S Club 7 and songs from Now That's What I Call Music. So, after my first holiday with the iPod, I stored it away in my cupboard..for a very, very, long time, before it was 'stolen' by my brother last year just for the shits and giggles...and also stored away in a cupboard, for a very, very, long time.

However, at some point this year, I started to realise that maybe the iPod would...actually be a good fit for me?
I know, I know, I hear your cries 'but MARRRNNNIEEEE, why are you using a 10 year old mp3 player????
I used to use YouTube to listen to music (i know, VERY budget) - since I couldn't get Spotify Premium, I basically thought the experience would be the same on YouTube. I also didn't really like to multitask whilst listening to my music. With these factors and a few more, I decided to dig that iPod out.
and i mean A FUCK TON. the amount of songs on that thing is ridiculous (if you count 1327 songs as ridiculous)....
so, I'm currently compiling an ipod songs list, which you *currently can't* find here (will be hyperlinked soon enough....).

want your own?

oh wow, you've gotten an idea from me? isn't that great-
no. it isn't.
here's some advice on if you want to get your own ipod.
do NOT get a nano. you may think this is utter hypocrisy, but i CAN explain!
It's been a well-known fact in the iPod community that the nano isn't exactly the best ipod to buy.
cause uhhh the battery's really fucking goofy.
From the 1st generation onwards, issues regarding battery expansion have been rampant. Due to the incredibly miniscule size of the iPod, apple engineered the iPod nano to have absolutely no growing space at all, so if your battery expands, it's gonna fuck everything up. The main symptom of this issue is if you see a black-spot like thing on your screen.
Fun fact, That's the battery pushing upwards against the LCD.Yup. Pretty crap.
"but MARRRNNNIEEEEEE" i hear you cry again, "surely you can just replace the battery easy peasy like on the original models"
No, You fucking can't. It is incredibly difficult to do iPod nano repairs, just due to the utter size of it. Chances are that you WILL fuck something up.
No kidding.
But, there is hope. Somehow, from about the 6th gen onwards, this issue has not yet appeared (???) very strange....and, even if it happens, a battery replacement on those things is MUCH easier.
But, I still don't reccomend it.
If you wanna get an iPod, I'd reccommend the classic line, but please prepare for dongles abound, as FireWire is basically required for those ones....yup, the wonders of 2000s tech. tell me about it.

most of the info from this was taken from a video by dankpods! he's an amazing guy, go check his stuff out!